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Payment Options

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve efficiency and make it easier to do business with our organization, we are offering additional choices in payment methods.

We’re excited to begin offering additional payment solutions that provide innovative additional options for you to receive payments.Beginning January 1, 2017 WellSpan EAP will partner with Change Healthcare to provide these new electronic methods. Many of our providers already work with Change Healthcare today.

Below we have outlined the payment options and action required by your office:

1. EFT/ACH- EFT/ACH will allow your office to receive payment via electronic funds
transfer upon providing your banking account information. Setting up EFT is the fastest
and most reliable method to receive payment. You can elect to receive an email
notification each time a payment is made to you. To sign up for EFT payments through ECHO Health, Inc., visit their website at:

To enroll, select the "Enroll using Enrollment code" option and use the first 5 digits of your Tax ID as your enrollment code.

2. Virtual Card Services- Going forward, if we don’t have a documented choice of payment for you, the default method of payment will now be virtual card rather than a paper check. Virtual cards allow your office to process our payments as credit card transactions. Virtual card payments are generally received 7-10 days earlier than paper checks since there are no print and mail delays. Your office will receive fax notifications, each containing a virtual card with a number unique to that payment transaction. Once the number is received, you simply enter the code into your office’s credit card terminal to process payment as a regular card transaction. If the card is not processed within 30 days, the virtual transaction will be voided and a paper check will automatically be sent to your office. To avoid delay please process the card or notify us of your preference from the other options below. Normal transaction fees apply based on your merchant acquirer relationship.

3. Paper Check- If there are concerns with electronic payments, you must elect to opt outof Virtual Card Services or remove your EFT enrollment to receive paper checks and paper explanation of payments.

In addition, we want to make you aware of another enhancement. Effective January 1, 2017 you will have the option to log into www.providerpayments.com, to access a detailed explanation of payment for each transaction.

We appreciate your support as we roll out these new payment options, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to deliver a positive experience for you and your patients. If you have additional questions regarding your payment options, please contact the Change Healthcare Provider Relations department at 844-586-7463.

You may also contact WellSpan EAP Client Services at 866-227-6527 or e-mail:

If your practice is servicing a member who needs TTY assistance or you require special assistance, including accommodations for members with disabilities or limited English proficiency, please call the DT Interpreting Foreign Language number at 1-866-237-0173; or TDD/TYY at 800-654-5984 to receive assistance free of charge.

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