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Employers, Managers, HR

Employers, Managers, HR

Supervisory Referral Process and Forms

Supervisory Referral Information
Employers can formally refer employees to WellSpan EAP to address specific job performance issues with a counselor. For any questions about this process, please call EAP Client Services, at 1-866-227-6527.

Supervisor Referral and Informed Consent forms. Please complete the referral and informed consent forms. Fax the completed forms to WellSpan EAP Client Services at (717) 851-4493

Complete web-based Supervisor Training which reviews the supervisory referral process.


Frequently asked questions about Fitness For Duty Evaluations

  • What is a true Fitness for Duty evaluation?
    A psychological FFDE is a formal, specialized evaluation by a qualified, licensed professional to determine whether the employee can safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions.  Evaluations of this type tend to be lengthy and expensive.
  • Can I obtain a Fitness for Duty evaluation through WellSpan EAP?WellSpan Employee Assistance Program does not offer FFDE’s.  This is beyond the scope of practice that our licensed mental health therapists perform under the WSEAP.  Given the level of detailed assessment procedures and techniques involved, this comprehensive psychological evaluation falls outside of traditional EAP counseling sessions.
  •  How can WellSpan EAP help?
    If you have submitted a Supervisory Referral with the appropriate signed consent form, our EAP Team will communicate the following things with you:  Date and Time of employee’s EAP appointment; if the employee has attended those sessions, including cancellations and rescheduling; recommendations by the provider (if any); and if the provider feels the individual is following those treatment recommendations. 
  • What other options does WellSpan EAP offer?
    Trained WellSpan EAP Coordinators can help facilitate “return to work” conversations between any combination of HR, management, affected team members and the employee to help set the stage for successful adjustment of the individual back to full duty.  This type of on-site consultation service is available at an additional fee.  Phone consultations with questions and helpful suggestions are available at no cost to you.
  • What if I have further questions?
    If you have any further questions regarding Fitness for Duty evaluations, please give us a call at 1-800-673-2514.




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