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Events & Other Resources


Together we can do more to help the 1 in 4 Americans who live with mental illness. Who is your 1 in 4? A family member, friend or co-worker struggling with depression, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or substance abuse?  Use the following tabs to seek information on specific topics. Need something else? Email us at WellSpanEAP@WellSpan.org.

 *In light of recent events involving the multiple natural disasters that have impacted millions of Americans to the violence in the news, highlighted by the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, people are experiencing many heightened emotions that range from fear and anxiety to anger and sadness. We want to offer some resources to share with coworkers and family as they continue to be exposed to the images and stories of violene, loss and devastation in the news. Click on the links below to learn more.  

Coping with Violence and Terrorism in the News 

Tips for Helping Families and Children Cope with Tragic Events 


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